Wellbeing Champions

Reach out to a National Care Group Wellbeing Champion

They’re here to support you!

Need help with a physical wellbeing issue?
Got a question about a mental health challenge?
Financial wellbeing causing anxiety?

Reach out to your local Wellbeing Champion for support.

Don’t see a Wellbeing Champion in your service or support function area? You can become a Wellbeing Champion, just drop Heather.Nozedar@nationalcaregroup.com in the People Team an email to register your interest.

Katie Lawrence, Payroll Team
Shabana Afzal, Onboarding Team
Karen Twigg, Regent College
Matt Burton
Cauldon Place- Shelton Care
Adam Woolley
Rutland House – Shelton Care
Stacie Dempsey
Newfield View
Jordan Smart
Regent College
Katie Hulme
Rutland House – Shelton Care