Our policies give staff the opportunity to learn about the procedures we have with regards to how we expect staff to conduct themselves within the workplace and how they can gain the necessary support function if they require.

Please download the copy of the Employee Handbook which details all our policies and procedures, and familiarise yourself with any information that you need in order to handle a dispute or any issues at work.

Employee Handbook 

You can also access our NCG Service Directory which details our services with their address and contact details.

Service Directory

To help you access a particular policy that you would like to receive advice in, all the policies have been listed below for you to download and read.

  1. Alcohol and drugs 
  2. Bullying and harassment 
  3. Car and Driving Policy
  4. Credit Card Policies and Procedures
  5. Data Protection Legislative Framework (GDPR) England
  6. Disciplinary V2 
  7. Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)
  8. Equal opportunities 
  9. Equality and diversity 
  10. Grievance (Staff) NCG 
  11. Health and safety 
  12. IT equipment
  13. Maternity 
  14. Media and public relations 
  15. National Care Group – GDPR Privacy Policy (Final)
  16. NCG Internet and Email
  17. Paternity
  18. Sickness absence 
  19. Stress Policy
  20. UK Travel and Expenses Policy
  21. Whistle-blowing
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