NCG Induction: May

National Care Group have acquired services across the country and we want to ensure you know who we are and what we aim to achieve.

To help introduce ourselves to you, we have published a podcast version of our NCG Induction, which we present to new starters.

The induction has a voice over from Ali Hassan Arshad, Engagement Officer, who will be guiding you across all the slides and giving you further information on all things NCG.

You can find out who works within NCG, what support is available to you and how we are rewarding staff for the work they do.

Please view the following podcast to help you learn more about NCG and embed yourself into the culture of National Care Group.

After watching the video, you can share our induction with your fellow staff members who would like to more about NCG.

We have created some posters you can place around your office, please feel free to download and print these out for your staff to be made more aware of our values, mission and what makes us different.

Our Values: PERCs
Vision, Mission, Values
What Makes us Different?