COVID-19 Alerts

On Thursday 15 December 2022, the Government announced a change in guidance for face mask use in care settings. The announcement means care providers now have the flexibility to ensure ongoing COVID-19 measures are in accordance with their local environment.

Care providers can make risk-based decisions on when face masks are used and determine which outbreak measures make sense for their individual settings.

Or visit Sharepoint to download the updated Living With Covid policy.

Historical Covid-19 updates:

If you are worried or have any concerns please email our COVID-19 help desk…

This page is dedicated to providing advice and relevant materials to colleagues, the people we support and families to help reduce the risks of developing symptoms related to the Coronavirus and to keep you updated on how NCG are managing the increased threat the virus poses.

Further to a review of current Government legislation and guidance we are now moving into a Living with Covid phase. This document provides a summary of key requirements which should be followed within health & social care settings in England and Wales.