National Baking Week happens every 14-20 October in the UK, and we are using it as the perfect opportunity to shine a spotlight on Reece from Highlea Care!

To kickstart National Baking Week we’d love to introduce you to Reece, our very own MasterChef and registered Horticulturist from the North East.

Reece with his home grown rhubarb

25 year old Reece has been supported by our Highlea Care Colleagues in County Durham for the past five years and is an inspiration to all that work with and know him. Reece lives at The Grange and has an infectious passion for both gardening and cooking, which he rolls into one by growing his own produce to cook and bake with.

Reece loves to bake for his peers at his service and we know they get very excited when he gets his mixing bowl and ingredients out. He even adapts his recipes for those with special dietary requirements including gluten intolerance. When we asked him what his favourite thing to bake was he told us “cakes and cookies”.

Reece also loves to conjure up savoury creations with his favourite being homemade curries. Reece doesn’t believe in cooking curries from jars or packets either, he told us he believes they should be authentic and made from scratch, representing the culture they come from.

Not only does Reece cook for his support workers and people he lives with, but also does the gardening for the whole of The Grange too. He has created an impressive garden ‘for all senses’ as he believes a good garden should include things we can all see, smell, touch, hear and taste.

Reece getting busy in The Grange’s garden

Reece’s support team include Mailey Maddison, Amy Sproull and Lisa Watson who all passionately promote active support and encourage Reece to constantly increase his skills. Danielle, his team leader, told us how very proud she is of Reece and all the life skills he has continued to grow. She is amazed and so delighted with how independent Reece has become.

Reece is simply incredible. He is described as the “sweetest soul” by all that know him, constantly living life with passion and doing things for others. He is also an example of what someone with clear goals and determination can achieve.

Reece’s Rhubarb Crumble recipe will feature in the new National Care Group Big Cook Book which is coming soon. However, in the meantime, Reece would like to show you around his garden in the video below.

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