RESPECT | JW pays tribute to his beloved Queen

JW’s tribute to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II

The passing of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II has been crushing news to many, with an outpouring of grief being expressed across the nation. It’s evident all around; our families and friends, our colleagues and those we support have all been grieving in their own way.

JW is a Person We Support at Chosen Care Supported Living in Gloucester. He has a diagnosis of Down Syndrome and is none-verbal.

JW lights a candle for HRH Queen Elizabeth

The news of Her Majesty’s passing has caused JW much distress, he has been crying a lot and finding it difficult to sleep.

JW LOVES the Queen and is a huge royalist, never missing weekly live broadcasts of the iconic Changing of the Guards ceremony.

He also has a collection of books on The Royal Family, which he cherishes and has been looking at constantly during the period of national mourning.  

JW with his cherished books

JW communicates with his support team by writing things down. He has been expressing his sadness every day since the news of her death. He’s pictured above expressing his feelings whilst flicking through his collection of books.

His team have been comforting JW during this particularly difficult time and have been naturally concerned about his well-being. They suggested he might take greater comfort in personally commemorating The Queen by signing a book of condolence. The idea of doing this lifted JW’s spirits and so plans were put into place.

JW arriving at Gloucester Cathedral

On Wednesday morning, ahead of the ceremonial route of The Queen’s coffin through London, JW together with a support worker, visited Gloucester Cathedral where he was able to sign the book of condolence and pay his respects to our late Monarch who he adored so much.

JW now has the goal of travelling to London to lay a rose for Her Majesty at the gates of Buckingham Palace and of course to see The Changing Of The Guard on Royal Horse Guards Parade in real life.

Even during this terribly sad occasion, JW’s story is a shining example of how National Care Group Colleagues contribute to the wellbeing and to making a positive difference in the lives of the People We Support.