The People Team and Chosen Care’s Teddington Garden’s Service are June’s Winners

National Care Group’s Outstanding Achievement Award Joint Winners for June 2022 are the People Team – including Lizzie Petty, Helen Mallows and Nicola Airey plus the team from Teddington Gardens, Chosen Care.

The Executive Team received eight remarkable nominations into June’s awards resulting in a tie break situation. Not able to chose between the outstanding performance of both teams, both winners were presented with awards.

Lizzie, Helen and Nicola were nominated by People Director, Claire Leake, in recognition of creating and rolling out the new Leadership Unlocked program on top of their daily responsibilities. Many colleagues have already benefited from the new and specialist training designed to support them in career progression and unlocking their full potential.

Pictured left to right are Claire Leake, Helen Mallows, Nicola Airey and Lizzie Petty.

The Teddington Gardens team including Ebi, Abi, Kola, Akeem, Yufus, Asif, Victor and Ade were nominated by their Registered Manager, Kathy Howitt, for the successful placement, integration and major progress with a complex person supported at their service. Josh, who has made Teddington Gardens his home, has come such a long way with the support of the team. Josh and his parents took part in their presentation sharing huge thanks for their dedication and passion for supporting him to progress so far.

Karen Lewis, Josh and Josh’s Dad present the Teddington Gardens Team with their award

Six other National Care Group colleagues/teams were nominated in June for their outstanding performance. Recognition must also go to:

Elaina Johnson, Julia Lima, Lynette Pool, Callum Boyd, Jessica Robinson, Francesca Wilcox, Rhyanna Dennison, Layla Jones, Jodie Evans, Mia Caffell, Buhle Fengu, Justine Harris Leika Jamal from Ty Newydd, Integra for dealing with various serious incidents at their service so professionally.

Julie Light, Springvale Resource Centre, nominated by registered manager Michelle Palmer for making a huge difference to the quality of life of the people they support. Successfully encouraging healthier diets, setting up a new kitchen garden and bringing the team, the people they support, families and community together.

Georgia Berry and Emma Hassett from 8 Acres, nominated by their registered manager Tara Currie for making major progress with a person they support and receiving fantastic feedback from their local professionals.

Jane Wolley from Phoenix House Stepping Stones nominated by registered manager Wendy Khan for organising a successful event for the people they support, going out of her way to make it memorable.

Samantha Scarsbrook, Endurance Care Kent, nominated by Karen Milligan for going out of her way to make John’s Close a lovely place for the people they support to live, going above and beyond with passion and creativity.

The Essential Care and Support Retreat Team of 21 colleagues, nominated by registered manager Claire McCabe, who have made major progress for a person they support and generally turned the service around to be high performing under the expert supervision of a new team leader and senior support worker.

National Care Group is proud of all nominated colleagues and thank them for performing to the values of PASSION, RESPECT, COLLABORATION AND EMPOWERMENT.