Here comes the sun! Are you ready?

With temperatures set to soar across the UK this week, we’d like to raise the importance of being prepared and keeping everyone safe.

Stay hydrated

Check that water and ice are easily available to all – ensure that your service has a supply of oral rehydration salts, orange juice, and bananas to help maintain electrolyte balance. Especially for those on diuretics.
Arrange for extra cold drinks to be distributed / on hand regularly.
Advise everyone to avoid tea, coffee, cola (caffeine), and alcohol. 
Plan to adapt any menus or meal choices to cold meals (preferably with a high-water content, such as fruit and salads) in collaboration with the people we support.

Take a temperature check
Check that you / they have an adequate supply of fans and water sprays.
If you can place a fan next to an open window, the cooler air from outdoors will be drawn in.

Person-centred support
Make sure you know who is most at risk and record it in their care plan.
Check if a GP needs to be made aware of anyone particularly at risk. Medication may need to be adapted.  Encourage the people you support to wear light and loose-fitting cotton clothing.

Stay safe in the sun
When outdoors with the people you support, make sure they’ve used a high factor SPF with both UVA and UVB protection and have access to shade.

Please share this advice, and stay safe 

Thank you for taking the time to read this advice and the for everything you do to keep the people we support safe.