Learning Disability Week 2022 | Luke Achieves His Ambitions

20 June 2022

It’s Learning Disability Week 2022 and we’re shining the spotlight on our colleague Luke who has progressed in his supported living environment to a part-time role with National Care Group.

Administrative assistant Luke Rowe recently achieved his role with our Chosen Care Supported Living service in Gloucester. Diagnosed with a mild learning disability, he has been able to overcome his difficulties to secure his goal of a long-term paid job, thanks to the support of our colleagues at Chosen Care.

Securing his job post-pandemic after many years of unpaid voluntary work, Luke’s remarkable turnaround echoes all the key themes of Learning Disability Week this year, which focuses on reconnection following the COVID-19 crisis.

Luke said: “I’m really happy to have achieved my dream of securing paid and meaningful employment. I’m supported by people I know so well and to be able to work at National Care Group and help other people like me helps me feel more confident in my day-to-day tasks. “The pandemic was a difficult time not seeing a lot of people I know, but to hear news of this new job gave me the extra boost I needed to really do well in my life and career. I’m looking forward to progressing and doing all that I can to help.”

Luke’s achievements in securing a long-term role led to him helping present an award at the National Care Group Annual Awards, which took place last month.

His registered manager Kathy and his colleagues were so impressed with Luke’s passion and commitment to his goal after volunteering for ten years in various roles, including for Gloucester-based charity Wheels For All, where he still assists in the check-in process and first-ride demonstrations.

His current day-to-day duties include filling and archiving, refreshing his training, and joining new support worker interviews when requested, all added to an inspirational journey that echoes the company’s values of enabling individuals to lead happy, enriched lives.

Karen Lewis, our chief operations officer said: “Luke is a remarkable person who has persisted with his ambition to secure paid employment. Thanks to the fantastic support of colleagues in the operations team, he has been able to move from a person we support, to someone who supports others too, unlocking his full potential.

“I’m incredibly proud of Luke and all those in my team who have supported him. I wish him the very best as he continues to represent all the values we strive to uphold.”