The Menopause Workplace Pledge Endorses Our Commitment to being a Menopause-Friendly Employer

NCG’s commitment to supporting female colleagues through the menopause

Women represent the majority of our workforce and we’re committed to creating a culture where colleagues can openly discuss the menopause and support one another. We were delighted to announce in this month’s colleague Wellbeing Wednesday communication, which hit inboxes on Wednesday 1 June, our pledge to support National Care Group colleagues going through the menopause by reimbursing the cost of their HRT prescriptions as part of our brand new Menopause Policy.

Supporting our colleagues through the menopause

We’ve now taken this commitment to being a menopause-friendly employer a stage further by joining Bupa and other high profile companies in taking the Wellbeing of Women Menopause Workplace Pledge. National Care Group truly cares about the wellbeing of our colleagues and this endorsement from the Wellbeing of Women cements our commitment to supporting those on their menopause journey.

Our colleagues can find out how to claim back the cost of their prescription and discover all the areas of support in the new menopause policy

And remember you can also get in touch with our Menopause Advocate Carla too 👇

Ask Carla any menopause related questions, no matter how big or small

Going through the menopause? We’ve got you! 💜