Here’s June’s Wellbeing Wednesday

As we spring into summer and get ready for the Jubilee Celebrations and Bank Holiday weekend. It’s good to take a little time to focus on yourself and your personal Wellbeing.

In this month’s Wellbeing Wednesday, alongside tips on healthy eating and managing anxiety, we are also making some important announcements – that will help improve your financial wellbeing and provide additional support to any of our colleagues who are going through or approaching the menopause.

Also, not to leave any of our male colleagues out, Men’s Health Week is taking place between the 13th to 19th June. There’s a link on how to give yourself a ‘Man MOT’ so that you can check the health of your mind and body.

There’s so much more to read including: our very own World Yoga Day class, ideas for creating ‘Acts of Kindness’ and the opportunity for you to become our next Wellbeing Champion.

If our Wellbeing Wednesday email has not dropped into your inbox you can follow the link below to read our Wellbeing Wednesday bulletin