Walk this way into the NCG Step Challenge

Walk this way into the National Care Group Step Challenge

Join the National Care Group Step Challenge this April and be in with a chance of walking your way to winning a pamper pack if you achieve the most steps in the business!

It’s easy to take part, you just need to track your steps on your favourite device. Whether that’s your smart watch or smart phone or a pedometer. Track them from today (Wednesday 6 April) right up until the end of the day on Monday 2 May 2022 then send evidence of your total to the marketing team; media@nationalcaregroup.com

You can send a photo or a screen grab. Just remember to tell us all your contact details and where you work when you enter. Alternatively, if you have an NCG email address and want to join our tracker to log your steps, click here. Of if you would like a copy of the spreadsheet to use at home, just email marketing and they’ll send you one.

It could be the perfect way to walk off all the cake you might eat at a Spring Bake-Off! Here’s a Spotify playlist to listen to along the way for a little music motivation too.

We’ll also add up all the entries to create a grand total for the business – so let’s see how many miles we can walk between us.

Hi ho, hi ho, off for a walk we go...