Meet Luke, our new Admin Assistant

Meet Luke, our brand new Admin Assistant

We are proud to introduce you to Luke Rowe, our newest recruit at Chosen Care Gloucester and a person the team support at Podsmead Road.

Luke Rowe from Chosen Care

Luke joined the business after successfully applying and getting through the interview process with his registered manager Kathy Howitt. This position is Luke’s first step into paid and meaningful employment after 10 long years of volunteering. The team at Podsmead Road have been working with Luke to meet this life goal since he arrived in their support, realising early on that it was so important to him and doing everything they could to empower him to make it happen.

Luke & Kathy

Luke is already off to a great start. His tasks involve printing documents for their 12 services and 3 outreach services which he delivers, with support, to each service. His other day-to-day duties include filling and archiving, answering the phone noting down names numbers, and a short message, refreshing his training, and joining new support worker interviews when requested to sit on the interview panel.

Here’s a great photo of Luke with all his training certificates successfully passed!

Huge well done to Luke and a warm welcome to the National Care Group team.