EASY READ Covid booster GUIDE

Easy-read guide to the COVID-19 booster vaccination

The information below is to give you information about the coronavirus (COVID-19) booster vaccination.

What is coronavirus?

Coronavirus is a virus which can make you feel poorly
Coronavirus can make older people and people with some health conditions more poorly
People with a learning disability are also more likely to become poorly if the get coronavirus

It is really important to keep ourselves and others safe from coronavirus. One way we can keep ourselves safer and healthier this winter is by having our coronavirus and flu vaccines to help stop us getting very poorly.

The people who will be offered it are:

Everyone over 18 years old
Health and social care workers
Registered carers
People who are at more risk because they have certain health conditions. This includes old or older and are on the Learning Disability Register.
People who are autistic and have some type of health conditions which could make them more poorly if they to coronavirus.

Why is the booster vaccine important?

The protection from the coronavirus vaccines doesn’t last forever in our body, so it is important to get your booster vaccine to help keep you safe for longer.

When should you have a booster vaccine?

If you are in one of the groups on above, you will be called by your doctor to have your booster 6 months or more after your second coronavirus vaccine.

The second vaccine will still help to keep you safe until you get your booster.

Your doctor might suggest that you get your flu vaccine at the same time as your booster vaccine. This is safe to do.

Read more about the coronavirus vaccine, what type of booster you will be offered, somethings you might feel after your booster vaccine, who to call if you feel unwell and much more important information to help guide you as to why you need to get your coronavirus booster vaccine and your flu jab.