Boost your immunity and protect the vulnerable people we support by getting your flu vaccine this autumn!

Now is the best time to get the flu vaccine before the highly contagious infection starts to spread through the autumn and winter.

An increase in flu cases has been predicted due to the lack of exposure to the flu virus last year driven by reduced social interaction. It’s therefore more important than ever to protect the people we support who are more likely to develop severe symptoms and complications like pneumonia and bronchitis.

How to support the National Care Group flu campaign:

  • Look out for our colleague emails encouraging and explaining the benefits of the vaccine going to everyone directly, and support our activity on social media by liking, sharing and commenting on the posts.
  • Download our flu vaccine posters here to print off and pin to common areas and notice boards.
  • Use our dedicated Flu Vaccine campaign pages on the NCG website to keep up to date with progress across the regions and to find out answers to any questions or concerns colleagues may have.
  • Get your vaccine and wear your National Care Group I’ve Had My Flu Jab pin badge with pride! We’ll soon be posting out enamel pin badges to wear on lanyards or work clothes to everyone who’s had the jab.
New pin badges coming soon!