Mental Health Awareness Week 10-16th May

Dear colleague,

Mental Health Awareness Week runs from 10-16 May 2021 and this year’s theme is Nature.

This week we will open-up conversations about mental health.  Our challenge is to encourage you to connect with nature and think about how nature can improve your mental health.  This is something that the people we support can get involved in as well as your family and friends.  In the week ahead we will be sending out daily communications in relation to mental health and wellbeing.   We will:

  • Provide useful information to support your health and wellbeing;
  • Provide Manager briefing guides to encourage discussion of mental health topics with their teams; and
  • Send out a short survey via ELFY to ask for feedback on your wellbeing needs.

Please share your photos and feedback on what you’re doing to achieve good mental health.  Your experiences are likely to inspire your colleagues.  We would love to post your stories on our social media pages.

We are committed to supporting the wellbeing of our colleagues.  Our Mental Health First Aider program has been a huge success with 1 in 29 colleagues now being a Mental Health First Aider.  These colleagues are ready to support and guide you to achieving good mental health.

You can find more information relating to Wellbeing from:

If you have queries or would like to provide feedback please email us  It’s been a challenging time and you’ve done an amazing job.  We’re here to support you.

Best regards,

People Team