Cornerstones receive the ‘Above and Beyond’ Award!

Our colleagues at Magnolia Cottage, our Cornerstones service in Devon, received an community ‘Above and Beyond’ Award following a mother of a person we support nominated the service.

Simon, a resident at the service, has continued to receive high quality person centered support during these challenging times and his mother wanted to recognize the service and the team for their efforts.

In the nomination form, Simon’s mum commented: “My son’s care staff have cared for him throughout the year, and have looked after him with love and I can’t ask for any more.

The team support Simon on a 2-1 basis in his own home, and he loves interacting with people, especially outdoors.

He is well known in his community but also likes to travel all over the county and beyond keeping busy, so the pandemic has been particularly hard for him and for our colleagues at Magnolia Cottage.

As always, our colleagues been creative, resilient, and gone out of their way to do their best for Simon and support each other.

The team have regularly organised activities for him, taken him on walks and also organised a lovely birthday treasure hunt for him.

“It is always nice to receive such positive, heartfelt and well deserved praise,” said Gemma Donaldson, Registered Manager. “The team have been committed to supporting Simon throughout his time at Cornerstones and this hasn’t changed even when lockdown first began and I am so proud of our colleagues.”