Outstanding Achievement Award

Chelsea Penny, Team Leader, at Oaklea Care, has won this month’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

The monthly award, voted for by the National Care Group Executive Team, recognises the amazing contribution and commitment to care shown by a team or an individual, especially those who go the extra-mile for the people we support.

Chelsea has been awarded with a £100 Love2Shop voucher and a signed certificate from James Allen, Chief Executive Officer.

Here’s how she went the extra mile…

When Churchview Care Services, a five bed residential service in Taunton, was hit by a COVID infection, it resulted in the service having no support staff apart from agency staff to support the residents.

Chelsea, who is a Team Leader at on of our Supported Living services, located 30 miles away from the residential service, had never visited Churchview b8ut agreed to support the service throughout this crisis.

She moved into the service for six days and nights, working tirelessly and compassionately to ensure that the residents, whose symptoms were at times severe, were cared for and as comfortable as possible.

Chelsea was praised for compassion and willingness to help those who needed it most, and for showing such professionalism, especially given that she had only been promoted to Team Leader three months ago prior.