Take a seat and admire Sam’s creativity

Our learners at Regent College, Stoke-on-Trent, have been putting their creativity to the test by participating in ‘Every Other Seat’ an exhibition organised by Dust Rising, which is taking place in Newcastle-Under-Lyme.

The pop-up art exhibition aims to highlight the impact of the Coronavirus pandemic on the creative sector and local businesses, giving artists, especially those from local schools and colleges, the opportunity to be inspired and create seats that showcase the amazing work that is being created in the local community.

Sam, one of our learners at Regent College, is a massive fan of Strictly Come Dancing and would usually go see the live shows with all his family, but as the show was cancelled due to COVID-19, Sam was missing the excitement of the costumes and the performances.

With the help of his Learning Support Worker, Sam designed a Strictly Come Dancing inspired seat, with a fancy collar and colourful sequins, whilst he also chose the seat shape that best matched a male dancer’s broad shoulders and slim waist.

“It is amazing to see the creativity on display from our learners,” said Wendy Williams, Principle at Regent College. “The exhibition was a great opportunity to really promote the creative work being done at the college and show how far our learners have come in their development.”

One of the curators at DUST Rising, commented: “We are really pleased to be working with Regent College as during these difficult times we must ensure that the arts and education are supporting each other. Regent College students have produced some delightful, witty and poignant seats for us with some touching personal stories to go with them.”

It is great to see our learners at Regent College taking part in such a fantastic initiative and be able to showcase their creativity and skill for people to see and admire.

Every Other Seat – by local visual arts project DUST Rising – is backed by Newcastle Borough Council and available to see in Newcastle town centre from now until mid-March.