COVID-19 Vaccine Bulletin: #3 Do I Really Need The Vaccine?


We appreciate whether or not you decide to get a vaccine is an individual decision. However, when making the decision there are things worth considering:

  • Being vaccinated means you’re much less likely to become ill with coronavirus
  • Most of the population will have to be vaccinated for this pandemic to come to an end
  • Any vaccine offered to you will be licensed and approved and will have gone through all the necessary stages of development to make it safe and effective
  • Your healthcare professional is there to answer any questions or worries you might have about the vaccine

The importance of having the vaccine is to protect yourself, to protect the people we care for and protect the many other people in society who are vulnerable.

It’s unknown whether the COVID-19 vaccines will prevent individuals from being able to transmit the virus, however since they protect individuals from disease, we can be reasonably sure they reduce the likelihood of disease transmission.

Therefore, you will protect others by getting the vaccine.

For today’s bulletin, Claire Leake, People Director, addresses a couple of the myths circulating on the validity of having the vaccine.

FACT: The coronavirus vaccine will help to save lives

Vaccinations are known to have a greater effect on a population if the majority of people have undergone it. The more people who don’t have the vaccine, the more flare-ups of the disease there will be over time.

MYTH: I do not need the vaccine because I have already had the virus

You still need the vaccine even if you have had COVID-19. Reinfection is still possible if you have had it once, and experts do not know how long someone is immune from getting sick again once recovering from COVID.

MYTH: 99.97% people recover from COVID-19 but 3% of people get side effects from the vaccine

There is no evidence that these numbers are correct and most importantly the small risk of minimal and usually short-term side effects of the vaccine do not outweigh the risk of long-term complications, or even death from COVID-19.

If you would like to speak, in confidence, with someone about any of the above concerns or any other related to having the vaccine, please email