National Care group colleague survey

Last year we asked for your feedback via our first National Care Group Colleague Survey.  We wanted to provide you with an anonymous way to tell us how you feel about working at National Care Group (NCG).  The aim was to understand what you like about working at NCG as well as identifying where we can do better and improve.  We want NCG to be recognised as a great place to work by our colleagues and for you to have a voice and share your feedback in a safe way.

Firstly, I would like to thank the 700+ colleagues who responded to the survey representing approximately a third of our employee base.   Due to the response rate we want to protect your anonymity and therefore we are unable to provide a further breakdown of the results.  However, there are two companies that received a 70+% response rate (Face-to-Face and Endurance Care, Kidderminster).  For these two companies we will be able to share specific feedback via your Regional Operations Managers.

We are pleased to be able to share with you the Group level results and for the benefit of those who were not with us in November we asked for feedback in four specific areas – Engagement, Awareness of National Care Group, Communication and support through Covid-19.  Here is a summary of your feedback:

Colleague Engagement

The majority of respondents would recommend someone to work for NCG and felt happy all or some of the time at work

Colleagues with more than 12 months’ service feel less valued by their line manager and over half of our respondents said they do not frequently receive feedback from their line manager.

Unfortunately, a third of respondents with more than 12 months’ service said they were not proud to work for National Care Group.

Knowledge of National Care Group

95%, of respondents think our values are reflected in the way we work. 67% of our Registered Manager respondents said they knew NCG well and 81% of respondents said they felt proud to work for National Care Group which is amazing, thank you!

42% of our colleagues were neutral in their response to whether they know NCG and 65% of respondents did not receive the Quality Account sent out last year.

Communication with our Colleagues

63% of respondents have used the National Care Group intranet with 58% visiting the site regularly.  There was also a good level of awareness of our benefits such as Digital Perks and Refer a Friend.

We still have too many colleagues not visiting the intranet where there is a lot of useful and essential information designed to help and support you.

Colleague support during the Covid-19 pandemic

95% of respondents know how to access the latest guidance for Covid-19 on the intranet and over 80% feel NCG has responded well to the pandemic with positive feedback in relation to the provision of PPE.

There is a small number of our Support Worker respondents who do not know how to access the latest Covid-19 guidance.

Next Steps:

We will now:

  • work with the senior management team to devise action plans at a regional and local level;
  • develop our communications strategy to ensure effective internal communications as well as enabling our colleagues to share their voices;
  • review the distribution and communication of the Quality Account;
  • review our policies and procedures to ensure they are aligned to our Mission and Values;
  • develop initiatives that reinforce engagement levels and people’s understanding of National Care Group; and
  • review our onboarding program to ensure our new colleagues understand our Values and know where to find tools and resources to help them.

As a final note, we are committed to hearing your voices and developing action plans that will really make a difference for our colleagues.  Our Mission is to support people to maximise their potential in any way we can and operating this annual Colleague Survey is one way for us to support you.  We hope you have found the feedback useful.

Thank you.