NCG launches the ‘Vaccine Bulletin’ page

National Care Group launches the ‘Vaccine Bulletin’ page

To help our colleagues with their questions and concerns over the COVID-19 Vaccine, we have launched a dedicated ‘Vaccine Bulletin’ page which helps to bust myths regarding the vaccine and answer your questions.

The page will be our colleagues number 1 resource for all things vaccine related, so if you have any issues or would like to contact our COVID advice line, then do visit the page for more information.

We also want to test your knowledge on the vaccine by encouraging you to take part in our ‘Vaccine Myth Buster Quiz’ which will help you separate the facts and fiction and and help our colleagues feel more confident in receiving their vaccine.

With over 18 million people in the UK having now received their first dose of the COVID-19 vaccine, National Care Group are pleased to see the progress the vaccine has made within our services across England and Wales.

But as we continue to see developments, it is crucial that we are encouraging and supporting our colleagues and the people we support in receiving their vaccines as soon as possible so that we have stop the spread of the coronavirus and keep people safe.