Regent College learners help to raise funds

Learners from Regent College, Stoke-on-Trent, have been volunteering and helping to raise funds at the Footprints Animal Sanctuary, a rehoming hub for farmed animals rescued from cruelty and neglect.

Polly, a second-year student at Regent College, visits the sanctuary once a week where she helps to clean the animals bedding areas and feed them, which she really enjoys doing as it gives her the chance to learn about the animals and develop her skills.

Due to lockdown restrictions, Footprints have been unable to hold their usual fundraising events and open days. Polly discussed how she could help Footprints with her support team and it was decided that the college would hold a fundraiser to help raise money for the sanctuary, with Polly designing a lovely poster to promote the event.

Two of Regent College’s other learners, Sam and Dan, also helped out during the fundraiser, decorating the pots and the fruit preparation, which raised over £26 for the sanctuary.

Wendy Williams, Principal at Regent College, said: “I am so proud of all our learners and staff who have helped to raise money for the sanctuary which has really benefited the lives of our learners who regularly volunteer there. It is great to see that despite the difficulties everyone is facing during lockdown, they have shown so much determination in helping out as much as they can.”