Spreading festive cheer with ‘Hearts for Schools’

During the festive period, it is important to remember that many people across the country are unable to celebrate Christmas with their family and friends due to the Coronavirus lockdown restrictions.

In these challenging times, a simple act of kindness and the spreading of some festive cheer can go a long way, and that is what happened at Shelton Care, Stoke-on-Trent, where our colleagues and the people we support have been taking part in the ‘Hearts for Schools’ initiative.

The campaign lets the people we support share special Christmas wishes and messages with other care homes and students at their local schools, using the templates provided by Picture News Care.

Created with the aim to bring joy to people’s lives and alleviate isolation that people may be struggling with during lockdown, it was a great opportunity for people to interact with one another and find creative ways to share messages during the festive period.

Christine Connelly, an individual we support, was so happy to receive messages from the local school in the area, all wishing her a Merry Christmas, whilst Hayley Armes-Reardon and Andrew Slack, wrote messages back to thank them for their wishes.

Katie Fallows, Regional Operations Manager, said: “Everyone loved getting involved in this campaign to share good wishes between local school children and the people who live in residential homes. It is a fantastic initiative that really embraces the spirit of Christmas, with our colleagues working hard to encourage our residents to get involved in the community and spread some joy to those who need it most.”