Outstanding Achievement at Newfield View, Sheffield

The team at Gleadless Avenue, Newfield View, Sheffield, have won this month’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

The monthly award, voted for by the National Care Group Executive Team, recognises the amazing contribution and commitment to care shown by a team or an individual, especially those who go the extra-mile for the people we support.

As winners, the Newfield View team have been awarded with a £100 Love2Shop voucher and a signed certificate from James Allen, Chief Executive Officer.

Here’s how the team went the extra mile

When Billy, an individual we support at Newfield View, lost his mobility due to a sudden illness, his support team recognised the change and immediately called for medical support.

Billy was taken into hospital, where he remained for a few weeks, with Jason Havenhand, Team Leader, and the team working hard to stay in contact with him and his relatives to ensure everyone was kept up to date with the progress he was making.

After further treatment, Billy was discharged with no serious illness, however due to his poor mobility, he was given a walking frame. This lack of mobility resulted in Billy really losing his confidence, spending a lot of time in bed and not wanting to interact with his support team.

Jamie and the Newfield View team set out to rebuild his confidence, starting with liaising with his social worker who provided additional funding for up to 10 hours per week of additional care and support. The team updated their support plans and risk assessments so that it met his additional needs, with everyone working together to ensure they knew their responsibilities and have agreed steps.

Billy was supported every morning with his personal care and then was encouraged to get out of his bed and engage with the fellow residents, as he was supported with using the walking frame, and that he had his meals in the dining area rather than his bedroom.

Jamie recognised the service was not adapted to meet the Billy’s new needs, especially with the use of a walking frame, but it did have assistive technology for another resident in the form of a pendant alarm. Billy’s social worker was contacted with discussions taking place to agree the purchase of a pendant alarm for Billy.

With access to the pendant, Billy could press during the day for staff attention and especially during the night, as it was linked to a call centre who could notify the sleeping night care worker in case of an emergency.

The following months nave seen Billy develop his independent living skills again, including now walking short distances without the use of his walking frame and not relying on the pendant alarm as much when it comes to asking for support.

Charlotte Lumley, Area Operations Manager, said: “Billy’s spirit is high again thanks to the amazing work being done by his support team who have gone the extra mile to ensure that his care needs were met and that he can redevelop his skills at the service.”