Rewarding people for the flu jab initiative

National Care Group have been encouraging our colleagues, across England and Wales, to get their flu jab to protect themselves and the individuals we support from the seasonal flu by running the ‘I’ve had my flu jab’ campaign. 

We showed our commitment with our Executive Members getting their flu jabs in October, and have since been running monthly competitions across all our services which reward colleagues and the individuals we support who have been getting their flu jab.

Shelton Day Services, Stoke-on-Trent, organised a raffle in which those who have had their flu jabs can add their name and stand a chance of winning prizes at the end of each month.

The competition was organised by Craig Lymer, Service Manager, who wanted to recognise the amazing work being done at the service to help protect everyone from the seasonal flu and the Coronavirus:

“It is a great way to keep encouraging people to get their flu jabs, especially during the winter period, and also reward those who have been patient and persistent throughout this.”

Kath Woodward, Support Worker, had her flu jab in October, and was awarded with a £50 gift voucher card, whilst Daniel Jepson, an individual we support, won the second prize which was also a voucher card.

“I am overwhelmed by the recognition and prize I have won, it makes me so happy to know that the extra steps I have taken to protect me and the individuals we support is being recognised,” said Kath.

National Care Group are pleased to see the amazing work being done at Shelton Care Day Services and would like to congratulate both Kath and Daniel for winning their prizes, and thank them for getting their flu jabs to protect those close to them from the seasonal flu.

We know that in some areas it has been difficult for our colleagues and the individuals we support to get their flu jabs, but we are encouraging them to be patient and persistent to keep themselves and others safe, whilst also standing a chance of winning prizes.

With people susceptible to the seasonal flu, during the winter period, it is more important than ever that they are getting their flu jabs, which will, according to government advice, help to stop the Coronavirus pandemic spreading further.