Liam’s story – a successful outcome at Rosglen

Liam, an individual we support at Rosglen – National Neurological Services, moved into the service in March 2020 after suffering a hypoglycaemic attack which caused him to have a brain injury.

As someone with type 1 diabetes, ADHD and Asperges, Liam was informed that it would not be safe for him to live alone as he struggled to manage his insulin and that it would be beneficial for him to live in a residential setting.

Liam was unhappy to leave his own home and move into a residential service, as he felt he would not be able to live independently, with such concerns affecting his eating and his diabetes.

Staff at Rosglen worked hard to ensure that Liam was able to raise any concerns he had, including wanting to take his insulin independently.

Liam has also taken great strides in his personal hygiene, with staff arranging for a bath to be fitted into the service as Liam did not like showering.

His parents have commented on how Liam looks a lot healthier, since moving into Rosglen, as he has continued to look after his hygiene and has put on weight thanks to staff supporting him in his cooking.

Toni Nightingale, Registered Manager, said: “We are all so proud of how Liam has developed at Rosglen, after some initial struggles, he has come a long way and is now enjoying his time with staff and the fellow residents.”

Through excellent person-centred care and a collaborative effort, the support staff at Rosglen have played a pivotal role in helping Liam reach his goals in his personal development.

“Ever since moving into Rosglen, staff have always been helping me to gain the life skills needed for me to one day live independently again,” said Liam.