A special thank you message from 8 Acres

Staff and residents at Westward Care: 8 Acres, Great Ellingham, created and framed a special thank you message for our Executive Team based in Daventry.

Everyone at the service took part in the drawing of a tree and painting the leaves using their fingerprints to show how, even during these challenging times, we are all in this together and will make it through this.

James Allen, Chief Executive Officer, was touched by the kindness shown by everyone at 8 Acres:

“We were blown away and humbled to receive the picture in the office, it so kind of people at 8 Acres to take the time to do this picture and get it framed – it is very special for us.”

The framed picture is hanging at the office and is a reminder of the amazing work being done and how people have coped so remarkably well during COVID-19.

It is also reflects the work being done by the Executive Team, who have always  put the safety of staff and the individuals we support at the forefront of all plans, which has seen the rates of infection within our services being extremely low.

“We don’t expect people to say thank you to us – we feel proud and privileged to do the jobs we do as we look to make a positive difference to the lives of everyone within our services,” said James.