Protecting yourself and others

National Care Group continue to follow government guidelines to ensure that everyone within our services is safe during the current pandemic.

With the recent launch of theĀ NHS COVID-19 app, we will be displaying QR codes across all our services and local offices to assist in tracking the movements of visitors and contractors should there be a reported infection.

The addition of the QR code, which visitors scan on arrival, will provide our services with additional safety measures, as we continue to respond to local and national government advice on visitor arrangements.

We also continue to carry out regular risk assessments, with everyone at our services having their temperature taken and completing a health assessment before entering the premises.

We would like to take this moment to thank all our staff across England and Wales, who have been following the guidelines and have been ensuring the safety of everyone at their services.

It is through their dedication and commitment, that we have been able to keep infection rates extremely low within our services.

Remember to visit our dedicated COVID-19 page for all the latest updates from National Care Group: