COVID-19 Update: 29 September

To help keep staff up to date with the latest developments regarding COVID-19, National Care Group will be publishing a weekly bulletin aiming to provide information about our plans moving forward.

The bulletin will be emailed to staff who have access to work emails, whilst it will also be made available on the intranet.

If you are worried or have any concerns please email our COVID-19 help desk:

Chief Executive Officer COVID-19 Update – 25 September 2020

National Care Group continues to review all of its plans with regard to COVID to ensure they provide the required resilience now and as we enter the winter months.

In addition, attention is also being given to the Government’s Winter plan and the part National Care Group needs to play to plan for any additional risks that may arise at this time from the COVID pandemic.

At its weekly meeting, the National Care Group COVID Risk Committee reviewed significant developments within the week and confirmed a number of communications that would be made across the organisation in the following week.

  • Supplies of PPE were confirmed as robust and appropriate with no Region indicating any shortfalls in supply.
  • A revised operational procedure for offices was noted following the change in Government advice on 22 September 2020
  • The Risk Committee noted, with concern, operational issues within one Region arising from two colleagues testing positive. This was being managed locally and further updates would be made if necessary.
  • The Risk Committee noted that the Maskne skin treatment packs had now been distributed to all staff.

Going forward each Region will provide an exception report to the Risk Committee on any key issues arising from the pandemic.

“Our response to the COVID pandemic remains thorough and well managed. It is clear that we perhaps face some challenging months ahead as winter approaches. We all need to stay focused on keeping everybody safe and ensuring that we are responding individually and collectively in a timely and robust manner,” James Allen, Chief Executive Officer.