Q&A: Flu jabs

National Care Group are encouraging all our staff, across England and Wales, to get their free flu jab as soon as possible.

Find out more by viewing the following link: https://ncgintranet.com/2020/09/28/keep-yourself-and-others-safe-book-your-flu-jab/

We have answered a few frequently asked questions to help our staff understand why it is important that they get their free flu jab.

Why should I be vaccinated against the flu?

The flu vaccine protects you, your family and friends, and the individuals you support from the flu.

As you are in close contact with individuals, in mostly an indoor setting, there is high risk of the potential spread of the flu, even if you or anyone at the service is not showing symptoms.

Having your flu jab means you are taking less time off work due to sickness and can provide the excellent person-centred support to individuals who need it most.

How effective is the flu jab?

The flu vaccine will help prevent you getting the flu and is your best protection against the virus.

Whilst it may not stop all flu related viruses, if you do get the vaccination, it will likely be milder and short-lived that it would otherwise have been.

How long does the flu vaccine take to become effective?

It takes between 10 to 14 days for your immune system to respond fully after you have had the flu jab.

That is why we recommend that you have your flu jab as soon as possible as we enter the winter months.

Can the flu vaccine cause flu?

The flu jab does not cause the flu, as the vaccine does not contain any live viruses.

Once taken, you may have a slight temperature as your body reacts to the vaccine, and your arm may feel a little sore where you have had the injection.

Do I need to have a flu jab if I had one last year?

The virus that causes the flu can change every year, which means the vaccination may be different from last year to fight against any new viruses.

So even if you had your flu jab last year, it is important that you take one this year as well.

Is the flu jab free?


As you are directly in contact with the individuals we support, you are eligible to have a free flu jab to help protect yourself, your family and friends, and the individual you care for.

Why is it particularly important to get the flu vaccine this year?

With COVID-19 impacting the lives of people across the UK, it is more important than ever that you are getting your free flu jab this year.

Whilst the flu jab will not protect you against the Coronavirus, it will help stop the spread of flu to the individuals you support and your family and friends.

Where do I go for my free flu jab?

You can book an appoint with your local pharmacy or GP