Keep yourself and others safe… book your flu jab!

The seasonal flu is a viral illness that can spread quickly and easily from person to person, with symptoms including a fever, cough, headache, sore throat, muscle and joint pains and a runny nose.

As our staff are providing care to vulnerable people in settings where there is an increased risk of spreading the flu, it is important that we are all doing our bit to prevent this from happening.

National Care Group are encouraging all our staff, across England and Wales, to get their free flu jab as soon as possible.

The Coronavirus pandemic has made this a challenging year for everyone, and as we enter the winter period, it is now more important than ever that we are protecting ourselves, our family and friends, and the individuals we support against the flu.

The flu jab, which is free for all frontline staff across the UK, is the best way to prevent you or anyone you are in contact with from getting the flu.

National Care Group are pleased to see our staff are taking the necessary measures to prevent the spread of the Coronavirus, including wearing PPE and following our updated visitor guidelines.

Thanks to their dedication and commitment, infection rates within our services have been extremely low and we are reminding staff to keep following the guidelines and remain safe – including preventing the spread of the flu.

Whilst the flu jab will not protect you against the Coronavirus, it will help stop the spread of the flu to individuals you support and your family and friends, so make sure to book your flu jab as soon as possible!

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