Reflecting on the year’s achievements

A transitional year for National Care Group

The Quality Account 2019/20 is an opportunity for National Care Group to reflect on what the organisation has achieved in the past year and set out its plans for going forward.

Karen Lewis, Chief Operations Officer, reviewed the changes that have taken place to bring together the constituent parts of the organisation and to ensure the focus is placed on quality.

These changes include an improved governance system, that assures quality of care is at the highest level and creating a culture that focuses on continuous improvement for the lives of everyone involved.

The past year also saw National Care Group develop standardised processes to help staff understand the importance of reflecting the organisations values and culture in the care being provided.

The Quality Account 2019/20 gives a great insight into the commitment National Care Group have shown in unlocking the potential of the individuals it supports and its staff, with several success stories being evidenced.

One of the major success stories featured in the report is Affinity Supporting People, North West, becoming the first care service under the National Care Group banner to achieve an ‘Outstanding’ rating in their CQC inspection last year.

This is the standard that National Care Group aims to implement across all its services, and the organisation looks to provide the high-quality care that the individuals it supports require.

The report also sets out the agenda for the coming year, including having better engagement with the individuals it supports and staff, as it looks to continue the journey to deliver greater person-centred support.

To achieve this, National Care Group will constantly be reviewing the feedback provided to ensure there is continuous improvement and maintains high levels of satisfaction.

In what has been described as a transitional year, the one constant is National Care Group’s commitment to maximising the potential of everyone involved, by working tirelessly to innovate, inspire and encourage individuals to live rewarding and fulfilling lives.