Chloé Moore, “Promoting safety measures and staff engagement”

It has been a week since the launch of the ‘Face Covering Competition’ and National Care Group are delighted to have received some fantastic entries so far.

Chloé Moore, HR Director, and one of the judges for the contest, believes that the competition promotes a collaborative spirit and a positive attitude within the services.

“The campaign has been an effective morale booster within our services, especially for our staff who have shown so much commitment and dedication to their roles during these challenging times.

From the entries so far, it is evident that staff engagement is high and that promoting wellbeing within the services has really helped National Care Group develop a strong culture across the company.”

Chloé, who played a role in coming up with the idea of the campaign, spoke about how the competition has helped National Care Group communicate relevant government guidelines to staff.

“During COVID-19, it was important that National Care Group remained transparent and were informing staff about any changes to regulations that could impact their lives and those who they support.

We have communicated effectively throughout the pandemic, from launching a dedicated page on our intranet to providing materials for our staff to stay informed.

This campaign is another example of how National Care Group are using innovative methods to create strong engagement throughout our services during COVID-19.

Chloé is looking forward to judging all the entries in August and has high expectations from the contestants.

“I am very excited to be judging the entries, and very much looking forward to seeing how creative our staff and the individuals we support have been with their designs”

Submit your entry to before the deadline on Monday 10th August.