Karen Lewis: “Following guidelines and having fun whilst doing so”

With our ‘Face Covering Competition’ well under way, members of our Executive Team discussed the importance of following the government guidelines and why this campaign will benefit everyone involved at National Care Group.

Karen Lewis, Chief Operations Officer, and one of the judges for the competition, spoke about how this competition is a great opportunity for staff and the individuals we support to get creative and ensure they are managing their service in a safe manner.

“National Care Group are committed to ensuring the safety and wellbeing of everyone involved at the company and we make sure to always be alert about any changes in the government guidelines and incorporate them in our plans going forward.

With the recent announcement regarding face coverings when visiting shops and supermarkets, we took this as an opportunity to not only communicate this within the company, but to also encourage active participation and collaboration across our services.”

Karen, who played a role in coming up with the idea of the campaign, would go on to discuss what impact this campaign could have on the services.

“With the general easing off on restrictions, it was important that our services were not getting complacent with regards to ensuring their safety and those who they support.

This competition is a reminder that government guidelines must be followed, and that necessary precautions must take place when visiting shops and supermarkets, including the use of face coverings.

We hope that this competition can play a key role in promoting the guidance provided by the government.

It’s important to follow the guidelines and have some fun whilst doing so!”

With regards to the entries being made for the competition, Karen is excited to see the designs and creativity on display.

“I am very much looking forward to seeing how creative the face coverings will be, and as one of the judges I want to see great looking designs and some great selfies to match!”

Submit your entry to media@nationalcaregroup.com before the deadline on Monday 10th August.