Endurance Care: Claire sees her family!

Claire, an individual we support, relies on physical contact for reassurance with this being most effective in the form of hugging people especially staff or her family.

With the recent COVID-19 restriction, she has been fantastic and with staff helping her find new ways to offer safe contact, such as elbow bumping and foot tapping.

However, Claire has mentioned that she wants to hug her family, especially her mother, and staff took this feedback onboard and decided to do something about it.

With the help of her family, they made a hug suit, to help Claire get the physcial contact she has missed so much!

The hug suit was placed in the garden at the Supported Living service, and tested it out, with her mother visiting the service.

Claire gave her mother a massive hug and was delighted to finally get to meet and hug her after having not being able to do after months in the lockdown.

To make the cover, they used a plastic sheet, and a shower cover, whilst they secured it onto a swing frame and put arm holes each way!

A fantastic story, and it is great to see Claire finally getting a hug from her mother!