Awareness days and events in July!

To help promote more activities and engagement taking place at our services, we will be providing a calendar of events and awareness days taking place throughout the month for you to get involved in!

Please feel free to take part in these awareness days, and make sure to send in stories and pictures to

Any events that are held in one day (World Chocolate Day: 7th July), could you please send in stories and pictures prior to this date in order for it to be featured on the actual day of the event.

National Picnic Month!We don’t want COVID-19 to stop our services from taking part in enjoying the lovely summer weather by organizing a picnic this month!

Whether you are doing a picnic indoors or at your local park, make sure to get involved!
July 2020
Good Care MonthGiven these challenging and uncertain times surrounding COVID-19, the one thing that remains constant is the incredible support our staff have been providing.

To celebrate Good Care Month, we want our services to send in their most inspiring stories featuring their staff!
Glad to Care WeekA new annual event to help raise awareness about the importance of those who care for others.

Share some positive stories and pictures of staff members you want to give a shout-out to!
World Chocolate DayWe want our services to send in their stories and pictures featuring our staff and the individuals we support doing some baking to celebrate World Chocolate Day!
Love Parks WeekTake the time to go for walks in the park and enjoy the sun!

Given the potential lessening of lockdown protocols across the UK, we still want everyone involved at our services to be safe and take the necessary precautions.
World Friendship Day!Make sure to share your amazing stories and pictures on this day to celebrate the importance of friendship!