Shelton Care: Activities during COVID-19

Shelton Care Group, Stoke-on-Trent, have been keeping busy during COVID-19, with lots of activities taking place!

Regent Road: Playing Twister!

Staff and the individuals we support having been keeping active and whilst having a lot of fun playing Twister!

Regent Road: Garden picnic!

Everyone at Regent Road has been enjoying the great weather by organizing a picnic in the garden.

Day Services: Baking pizzas!

Individuals have been practicing their baking skills by cooking up some delicious looking pizzas!

Regent Road: Timothy catches up with his family through Skype

Due to lockdown, Timothy, an individual we support, hasn’t been able to visit his family and loved ones.

Even though he has been able to speak to them on the phone, he said that he really wanted to see his family, so staff were able to organise a Skype session where he got to meet them virtually!