Julia Bossons, Regent College

Julia Bossons, Link Worker, has been recognized for her incredible support of an individual during COVID-19!

During lock-down, one of our learners who has Autism had to self-isolate due to pre-existing health condition. 

He found it hard to be at home every day and would write letters expressing his frustration.

Julia Bossons, Transition Link Worker, had already recognized that this situation would not suit this learner with his whole routine changed. 

She also recognised that the family would struggle to go shopping and purchased food and delivered it to them.  

At all times, Julia demonstrated total respect for the family and their needs, including planning daily walks and motivated the learner by organizing a picnic. 

Initially, the learner was very reluctant to go on walks, however Julie empowered him to ensure he goes on walks and gets his fresh air every day.

Julia has now accompanied this learner on his walk every day for 10 weeks, where they both cover 2.5 miles each day!

The learner has come a long way since the lockdown first began, and Julie has played a significant role in this – well done Julie!