Autism Pride Day!

Happy Autism Pride Day!

This day aims to raise awareness for those living with autism and celebrating their amazing success.

National Care Group, we wanted to be part of this amazing initiative by giving the people we support a voice and embrace those that are ‘unique’.

Check out some of the amazing stories featuring the people we support!

Affinity: Curtis attending activities

Curtis, an individual we support, moved into Edge End Lane in August after his mum wanted him to try new activities and get out more.

Since moving to Edge End Lane, Curtis has been able to attend swimming, go to the park, the beach and even parties hosted by the service.

Curtis has even tried his hands at baking and helps out with chores when he can!

He has come a long way since joining Affinity – well done Curtis!

Endurance Care: Darren achieves his ‘goal’

Darren has had a life-long passion for football.

He is a big Crystal Palace fan and used to watch games with his Dad when he was younger.

Whilst living with his parents, Darren played for Tonbridge Disability FC, but since moving into his supported living services, he has missed playing in a team.

Darren sat with staff and looked up local disability football teams and came across the Maidstone Raiders.

Staff contacted the manager of the team and they invited Darren to come for a practice session.

Darren went along to Maidstone United and had a fantastic time combining his passion with meeting new friends and increasing his fitness.

Darren has visited the stadium on many occasions now.

He has spoken with Bill Williams, Chairman of the football club, and even has a signed book by him.

Darren has been working hard to show his dedication and passion for football and this has been noticed by the team manager who has said that he can ‘see the hunger in his belly’.

Darren now attends training sessions every Saturday morning and is eagerly anticipating his first game which he hopes will be soon.

He enjoys staff and peers coming along to support him.

YLCS: John attends a music festival!

Your Life Care and Support staff have been planning with Jonathan what activities and events he would like to attend over the summer.

Due to his Autism and complex needs, staff sourced various pictures of events across the North East based on his likes and interests.

This aided Jonathan to communicate his preferences and enabled him to make his own choices of which events he would like to attend.

Your Life team leader contacted the Kubix festival which Jonathan had chosen to arrange tickets.  The Kubix team where great and gave us two free tickets for staff to attend the festival with Jonathan.

Jonathan is very passionate about music and really enjoys singing and dancing along to his favourite songs – this is a way that Jonathan expresses himself.  

Through effective communication and joint working, Jonathan was able to express his wishes and make them happen.

For Jonathan this has a positive impact on his wellbeing, engaging with others and being in the local community as well as feeling part of it.

Jonathan had a fantastic time at the Kubix Festival and can’t wait to attend his next festival later in the month at Bents Park. We are immensely proud of Jonathan for the person he is, enjoying his life to his fullest.

Endurance Care: Jason road to employment

Jason Leftley, an individual we support at Endurance Kings Lynn, has been actively looking to get a job which allow for him to feel independent and start earning for himself.

Endurance had recently been advertising for a cleaner role at their service, and whilst Jason was interested in applying, he felt really nervous about it.

Congratulations Jason!

However, after some much need confidence boost by his support staff, Jason applied for the role and was able to secure an interview.

After an in-depth interview, Jason was successful and was given the job as he was able to show how hardworking he will be and what it means to him to  go into full-time employment.

Well done to Jason!

Highlea: Tommy takes part in training

At one of the MAPA Training sessions, Tommy asked if he could get involved in the training that was being delivered by Kim Wright, Service Manager and MAPA Training Instructor.

Tommy took part in his first session and he made sure to put staff through their paces, by taking part in all the role play activities to help use techniques around communication to de-escalate behaviours.

Kim was so proud of seeing Tommy taking part: “It was wonderful for Tommy to take part as although he was briefed about what was needed, he put his own spin on it and it was great to see how staff responded and interacted.”

We are delighted to see that even the people we support are taking part in training sessions, activte participation is something we have always encouraged and it’s always great when it is done to benefit both staff and the people we support.

Endurance Care: Terje’s indoor garden

Terje, an individual we support, enjoys spending his time outdoors where he is able to play with grass and collect twigs.

In a green environment, Terje is able to feel happy and relaxed, and his staff team thought it would be a great idea to reflect this environment indoors.

His support staff worked with the Occupational Therapists to turn Terje’s room into a safer room that promotes a sensory environment.

They ensured the room had the look and feel of his garden, with a lot of the items being green and with some decorative plants being placed around the room.

Soft pads were added to the walls and a wind chime was hung up as well.

Terje loves his new room and and is happy that he is able to still enjoy the activities he loves indoors.

A huge thank you must go to the staff team, who respected Terje’s wishes when it came to his room, they worked incredibly hard to ensure that Terje was given every oppotunity to have the room that best suits him.

Well done to everyone involved!

Highlea: John’s development

John has been supported The Grange since April 2015, and when he came to the service, he had very little knowledge and skills about living on his own, and his self-esteem was very low.

Staff worked with John over the years to build skills and teach him about how to live a more productive and independent life.

He eventually moved into his own semi-independent flat within the group in 2018, however John found it difficult as he felt secluded and didn’t like the loneliness that living in his own flat brought.

Staff noticed this and John was asked if he wanted to move back into The Grange, and when a vacancy was available, staff helped John move back into the service and develop his skills again.

The team worked with John to identify what changes he needed to make, how he would make them and who would be involved.

John developed his daily living skills, including, going out into the community to interact with others.

John has also met a special someone! And has begun looking for an accommodation to eventually move in with his girlfriend.

Affinity: Stephen’s development

When Stephen was given the news that he had to move from his home he had lived in for over 10 years; Stephen and his parents were worried about how he would adapt to the change.

After months of support and planning by Affinity and his circle of support, they ensured that his transition was smooth and had no complications.

Stephen was very ensure at first but the moment he stepped in, he loved the furniture and look of the flat.

Since moving in, Stephen has never looked back despite this being a ‘big change’, ‘break in routine’ which he would ordinarily really struggle to deal with.

Everyone is immensely proud of Stephen – he has adapted to his new home, routine and environment like a trouper!