Outstanding Achievement Award: Wayne Richards!

National Care Group are delighted to announce that Wayne Richards, Senior Support Worker, has won the Outstanding Achievement Award!

Wayne has shown PassionEmpowermentRespect and Collaboration, in the work he does and is a deserving winner of this month’s award.

His story…

Wayne joined Endurance Care: Kidderminster as a Senior Support Worker in late 2019.

He played a major role in setting up a new supported living service, and has been an asset to Endurance Care from the start.

Wayne has actively been engaging in developing his skills and has been able to manage his own staff team, with very little input and improvement needed from his Registered Manager.

Wayne plans his supervision and competency assessments with staff, and monitors their training regularly to ensure they are providing the best quality of care.

Staff at Bewdley Hill have consistently been 100% compliant in their training, and receive regular supervision and competency assessments to maintain a good service.

Wayne has played a major role in achieving this, as he has supported, guided and mentored his team at Bewdley Hill, most of which were staff members new to social care.

He is currently working with a support staff who would like to develop her role to a senior level, by teaching and letting her complete audits, where by he can check and provide feedback during supervision.

Nothing is ever too much trouble for Wayne, his answer is always yes, when asked to support, or step up and complete tasks, Wayne is the first one to take the initiative.

Throughout COVID-19, Kelly Smith, Registered Manager, has been less present at Bewdley Hill due to multi-site management.

In these challenging times, Wayne has stepped up and been around to ensure that not only his own service is okay, but that others at Favor House and 145 Walter Nash Road are doing okay as well.

He is regularly printing and sharing information and discussed this with the other teams to ensure they remain up to date with the latest announcement and news regarding COVID-19.

When the service needed testing, Wayne supported Kelly to ensure everyone was tested, and he remained calm and collected during the whole situation.

He communicated with all those involved and made sure to reassure everyone.

Wayne has maintained positive relationships with staff, the individuals we support and even their relatives which helps the service run smoothly.

As Endurance Care Kidderminster continues to develop, Wayne will be playing a key part in this and he will bring his skills and ability for positive outcomes for the people we support.

A special mention to Kelly Smith, Registered Manager, who entered Wayne for this months entry!