Carers Week: Staff stories from the South East

To celebrate Carers Week, we want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to staff members and teams across our services, we are sharing stories from the South East.

Westward Care

Staff team at The Willows

  • Nick Moth
  • Wissem Saidi
  • Kirsty Webb
  • Sam Miles
  • Libby Wise

After an individual we support suffered an injury, the staff team supported him to ensure he was able to fully recover and be able to get back to his fully fit best in no time!

westward circle

As his behaviors were so heightened, all the staff members remained very safe and calm, and to ensure that the individual could recover quickly, many staff members worked extra hours to support him.

Written by Rebecca Gray, Registered Manager

Endurance Care Kent

Staff team at Rectory House

  • Matt Lay
  • Hannah Daniels
  • Lisa Fletcher
  • Sandra Kennett
  • Sunny Murphy
  • Kirstie Fitzmaurice

Following a fire at Rectory House in 2019, the staff team having been working incredibly hard to support the individuals living at the service to help them personalize the service and make it feel homely for them.

The fire meant that the individuals we support had to move out for 2 weeks which was an incredibly anxious time for them as some of them have lived at Rectory House for a long time.

endurance care circle

During the time they were unable to be at home, one of the individuals we supported suffered a stroke and spent time in the hospital.

The staff worked incredibly hard to keep everything as normal as they could to reduce anxieties during a very tough time.

When Ricky returned from hospital, the staff then successfully worked with him to improve his mobility and ensure that he could once again do the things that he enjoys most.

In his recovery process, Ricky has been doing a variety of activities, including tidying his room every day and feeding the rabbits that live outside his home.

More recently, staff have been developing plans to decorate and personalize the house and garden.

The staff have shown passion and respect with the projects they are completing and how they are involving and benefitting the people we support.

Written by Matt Lay, Registered Manager