Carers Week: Staff stories from the North West

To celebrate Carers Week, we want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to staff members and teams across our services, we are sharing stories from the North West.

Affinity Supporting People

Staff team at 349 Whalley Road

  • Dione Baker
  • Kieran Bannan
  • Natasha Baron
  • Oliver Bolton
  • Danielle Connor
  • Gary Flood
  • Shannon Gaskell
  • Daniel Whittaker
  • Kelly McIntyre
  • Vanessa Parrington
  • Callum Perkins
  • Nisha Shan
  • Victoria Slater
  • Garth Smith
  • Christopher Ward

Staff at 349 Whalley Road have consistently provided high quality care to the individuals we support and this was evident when they supported an individual called Nigel.

When Nigel, an individual we support, health deteriorated and he was rushed in to hospital back in April 2020, he spent 3 days in hospital and was diagnosed with Sepsis and Pneumonia.

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Nigel, his family and the staff team were told that his condition was that severe that he would not survive.

When he was discharged from hospital on an end of life programme and the staff team were informed on how to continue him support at the service.

Nigel had visits from the district nurse team on a regular basis but all his care was received through the staff members of the service.

All staff involved were happy to work extra hours and ensured that they worked as a team to ensure Nigel was supported in every aspect of his care.

Through the hard work, commitment, dedication and passion of the staff team and Nigel’s own determination to fight, he was able to make a full recovery!

He has now been discharged from his consultant and district nurse team and has regained health to the same level as before being admitted to hospital.

Written by Matthew Armstrong, Service Manager

Staff team at Trinity Close

  • Vikki Holden
  • Hayley Comerford
  • Lesley Rambridg
  • Jennifer Phillips
  • Rahima Begum
  • Carol Potts

The Trinity Close team have gone the extra mile in ensuring that the people they are supporting do not miss out and are stimulated and occupied during the COVID-19 emergency.

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Staff have ensured that every single shift has been covered by themselves to reduce the risk of any cross contamination from COVID-19 by new people coming in and out of the service.

Long hard shifts have been worked by all for the past couple of months to cover absence and sickness of colleagues.

The team is described as “brilliant” and “hardworking” by their service manager Christine O’Connor and feels the service is excellent, and a real credit to the staff team and Team Leader Vikki Holden.

Written by Paul Bonnell, Registered Manager

National Neurological Services

Staff team at Springvale: Manchester

  • Hayley Miller
  • Jean Flannagan
  • Wendy Bamford
  • Kelly McLoughlin
  • Rumbidzai Samashonga

The team have shown incredible dedication and commitment to support an individual with his progress to further independence.

The individual came to the service in 2017, and initially needed a lot of support and guidance, but the team have worked hard to develop an independence plan and through support and working together.

This has allowed him to be more empowered to achieve his goals in being able to walk independently in the community.

They have also worked with him on managing his behaviors in ways which are safe and effective, whilst also respecting his choices by encouraging to express himself and provide feedback.

Unfortunately, the individual had suffered a recent injury, which caused him significant discomfort, so staff took it upon themselves to provide additional support and visited regularly to ensure he had the items he needed and to keep that contact going to keep his spirits.

Written by Michelle Palmer, Registered Manager