Carers Week: Staff stories from the South West

To celebrate Carers Week, we want to take this opportunity to give a shout out to staff members and teams across our services, starting with some stories from the South West region.

Cornerstones UK

Lesley Keenan, Support Worker

Lesley Keenan joined Cornerstones UK in February 2020, and has since gone from strength to strength.

She has shown flexibility, working between both services and even covering staffing shortfalls.

Her probation meetings have been full of ideas of how she would like to work with the people we support in order to move the services forward.

She forward thinks, has developed activities to keep individuals fit and has developed a rota management system.

Written by: Theo Locke, Registered Manager

Lynn Butler, Support Worker

Lynn Butler, Support Worker, has been recognized for her reliability and thoughtfulness to both the people she supports and to her staff team.

Her can-do attitude allows her to be supportive to systems and processes, she addresses problems with a focus on solutions and is excited to challenge herself with tasks that can enhance her role.

Lynn is highly diligent and self-motivated, who is empathetic and understanding, with a strong dedication to caring and supporting others.

Lynn encompasses how we work to support as an organisation to be the best support provider in the region, and it is this commitment and drive that motivates others in the service to thrive for more.

Her continued commitment and support has had an incredible impact on the lives of the people we support.

Written by: Shaun Smitherman, Registered Manager

Betsy Chapman, Support Worker

Betsy Chapman at Penning’s View has come up with some excellent art and craft ideas to help people keep busy during COVID-19.

She has supported individuals to make rainbow artwork to show support for the NHS and has planted sunflowers and tomato plants which seem to be objects of fascination for staff and the people we support alike.

Betsy has continued to show great commitment and support in her role and has a positive relationship with all the residents.

Written by: Theo Locke, Registered Manager

Zena Kerr, Senior Support Worker

NCG would like to congratulate Zena on becoming a Senior
Support Worker!

Zena will be working at The Old Dairy and Magnolia Cottage, and we wish her all the best in her new challenge.

Written by: Gemma Donaldon, Registered Manager

Karen Knight, Support Worker

Karen is flexible in her support and will often reschedule hours of working to ensure people supported attend activities.

She is responsive and heartfelt in her delivery of support and staff at the service have been inspired too!

Written by: Shaun Smitherman, Registered Manager

Atlantic Way Care

Leanne Morrell, Senior Support Worker

Leanne, Senior Support Worker, is a well-respected and appreciated member of the team, conscientious and professional at all times.

She works extremely hard and always goes above and beyond in her duties to ensure her service is running smoothly and the individuals are able to thrive.

Leanne welcomes the challenges that come with supporting individuals with complex needs and is happy to take on additional workload to benefit the manager and support staff at the service.

She is full transparent in terms of her operations and regularly communicates with her manager to ensure everyone at the service understand the work being done and where improvements need to be made.

The difference she makes has not gone unnoticed with her staff team gifting her flowers to thank her for the support she provides in the service and being approachable with her principles.

She has a very good partnership working skills where professionals inform her of compliments of how well she is running the service.

Written by: Stuart Travis, Registered Manager

Carol Clarke-Gun, Senior Support Worker

Carol, Senior Support Worker, always has a smile on her face and has made a positive impact to the lives of the individuals she supports.

She continuously receives positive feedback from the individuals we support for the care she provides and her commitment to ensuring they are given every opportunity to develop skills and confidence at the service.

Her impact has had a lasting impression on the people we support, who enjoy her positive attitude and how approachable she is..

She leads by example, and constantly looks at ways to get the best out of the people we support, including organizing activities, listening to their feedback, and ensuring their opinions are respected and acted on when possible.

The service that Carol works involves individuals with extremely complex and challenging needs.

It can be a tough task to provide the best quality of support needed, however, Carol continues to show great ethos and commitment in her role.

This dedication has been reinforced by the rest of her team, who ‘take each day as it comes’ and are inspired by her leadership and commitment to care for those who need it most.

Written by: Stuart Travis, Registered Manager

Sharron Batterham, Senior Support Worker

Sharron, Senior Care Worker, stepped up to take responsibility for the service during a period where there was no manager, to ensure the care being provided was still of a high quality and that there was still effective leadership and guidance at the service.

She has been very approachable to her staff, who come to her for advice and support on any concerns they have and has also been working extra hours to accommodate for any care that needs to be provided.

She has taken on this temporary role with complete commitment and dedication and has taken on additional responsibilities such as paperwork and organizing activities to keep everyone active and engaged.

During the current COVID-19 pandemic, Sharron has been supporting staff by ensuring valuable supplies and Personal Protective Equipment is available and has taken it upon herself to manage any queries or concerns individuals may have during these uncertain times.

The people we support have responded positively to Sharron’s attitude and have all felt safe during the current lockdown.