Shelton Care Group: Activities during COVID-19

Shelton Care Group, Stoke-on-Trent, have been keeping busy during COVID-19, with lots of activities taking place!

Sensory tasting sessions

The individuals we support at Day Services have been getting involved in sensory tasting sessions.

Brenda celebrates her birthday!

Brenda, an individual we support at Regent Road, celebrated her birthday at the service!

She was gifted a nice pink dress and a hat!

Creating ‘I Miss You’ cards!

Individuals we support at Day Service created ‘I Miss You’ cards for their family members during the COVID-19 lockdown.

Individuals try out PPE

During a staff seminar that focused on Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) that took place at Regent Road, three individuals we support wanted to get involved!

Richard Plant, Christine Russell and Brenda Hyde, asked if they could try on the masks and learn more about the importance of PPE.

They also were able to ask questions as to why it is important that their support staff are wearing PPE whilst providing them care and they found it very useful.