Cornerstones UK: Jason’s sponsored walk!

Jason, an individual we support, completed his 3 mile sponsored walk to help raise money for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance!

Geoff, another individual we support, also took part in the walk, with both completing it in just under 90 minutes.

Despite the warm weather and the long walk, both were determined to finish and supported each other throughout.

Gemma Donaldson, Service Manager, was so proud: “It is amazing to see Jason and Geoff challenge themselves to help raise money for a fantastic cause.

I am so proud of the both of them!”

They raised a total of £280 for the Wiltshire Air Ambulance, raising more than they had initially targeted.

Gemma supported Jason and Geff throughout the walk!

National Care Group would like to congratulate Jason, Geoff and Gemma for this amazing initiative!

Well done to everyone involved!