Wellington Support: Rebecca Hollis

Rebecca Hollis, Team Leader, goes out of her way to arrange opportunities for the people she supports and the staff that work alongside her. 

She has always been at the forefront of creating opportunities for people she supports, not just in her own location, but across all 11 of Wellington services. 

This includes arranging a charity Christmas fair, which allowed people we support to be involved in community projects for the benefit of a local premature baby unit.

She had also organised a seaside trip for the entire service and recently arranged a canal boat trip with lunch, this has unfortunately been postponed due to the COVID-19 lockdown. 

She always tries to maximize the community involvement, works hard to ensure the events are affordable and works across the services to try to get all of Wellington Support together as a wider community.

During COVID-19, Rebecca has lead the service in terms of sharing best practice, and has contacted local organisations who were providing delivery services for the vulnerable and acted as the central ordering and delivery point.

Following the research, she put together a local information guide to services, deliveries, deals and offers along with a guide to ‘beating the boredom.’

Rebecca has recently been the hub of information for new seniors and struggling staff across the service, not just in her own service, offering her wealth of knowledge and steady hand of support.

National Care Group would like to thank Rebecca for the amazing work she is currently doing at Wellington and appreciate the dedication she has shown during these challenging times.