Outstanding Achievement Award: Highlea Care

National Care Group are delighted to announce that the staff team at Highlea Care have won the Outstanding Achievement Award!

The team showed PassionEmpowermentRespect and Collaboration, in the work they do and are deserving winners of this month’s award.

Winners include: Jess Mawson, Wendy Haydock, Karen Gunn, Gillian Cottrell, Alan Clarkson and Caroline Bunting.

Their story..

Jeffrey Stockport, an individual we support, was diagnosed with cancer and he had an operation to remove a tumor from his throat.

Jeff would later be informed that the cancer had spread to his main organs and was told that he had 3 months to live.

Jeff was supported through his options by his support team and was given information on treatment with the support of the medical team.

Having felt that his prognosis wasn’t good, he declined to have any treatment and decided he would spend his final days being supported by those who knew him best.

The team worked closely with Jeff to see if there was anything he wanted to do in the time and helped him create a list…

  1. Meet his daughter
  2. Plan his funeral
  3. Have a pint

To continue to support him, staff arranged to have palliative care training and assess what equipment he needed.

They also made referrals for MacMillan to support the team and did their own research on how to best support Jeff.

Staff team arranged for the local funeral director to come to the service so he could plan his funeral.

Although it was very difficult, Jeff felt he was in control of what was happening as staff did not take over and respected his choices.

Jeff having one last pint was easy to arrange and he had commented that it was the most important thing on his list.

The difficult task was reuniting Jeff with his daughter.

Staff started with getting some basic information from Jeff about his daughter and the team liaised with the Local Authority to see if they could help in any way.

Unfortunately information was very limited, so the team started using social media and after some digging they were able to successfully find her, who then got into contact with Jess, Team Leader.

They were able to arrange a meeting with his daughter where he was able to reconnect and also find out that he had two grandchildren.

He was able to spend Christmas Eve with his family and with the help of his team, he was able to buy presents for his loved ones.

Jeff said that meeting his daughter and his two grandchildren was the best gift he has ever had, and he enjoyed laughing and spending time with his family.

As Jeff’s condition deteriorated, he needed more support from the staff team, and as Abberdale is only commissioned for sleep over staff, Jess approached the care coordination team and asked if there could be night duties funded so he could continue to remain at Abberdale.

This was initially declined and the Local Authoruty advised he would need to move into residential or nursing care but Abberdale staff would not let this happen as Jeff had stated clearly at the beginning of journey that he wanted to remain at Abberdale in his final days.

Jess fought the decision and consulted with Jeff every step of the way – it was eventually overturned, and they agreed to fund.

Staff encouraged the other residents to spend time with Jeff – this was very beneficial for both Jeff and everyone around him.

Jeff’s daughter spent a lot of time at the service and comforted him during this difficult period.

In the early hours of January, Jeff sadly lost his battle, surrounded by those who knew him best and cared for him very deeply.

On the day of Jeff’s funeral, staff were invited to share the same car as his family, as they believed the team were like a second family to him.