Take part in our TikTok challenge!

Firstly, a massive THANK YOU for your ongoing efforts during the COVID-19 outbreak

We have heard some amazing stories of how you are supporting people during this difficult time such as:

Nathan from Wellington keeping busy with some craftwork…

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Endurance Care and their fabulous video…

Fun activities at Essential…

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Take part in our TikTok Challenge!

If you are a fan of TikTok, you will be familiar with some of the amazing videos people have posted during the COVID-19 lockdown including ones by NHS staff.

We thought it would be a good morale boost if staff and individuals we support had a go at some of the challenges and posted them online.

We have picked some of the popular ones below, please feel free to have a go and we will come up with some spot prizes for the best ones.

As always please ensure you have consent if you are using video footage of individuals we support.

It would be great to see some managers and members of the Executive get onboard as well.

If you post on TikTok please use the following hashtag #NationalCareGroup #socialcare

ChloƩ Moore, HR Director
Mike Cleasby, Quality Director

Download a PDF version of this blog by viewing the following link: https://ncgintranet.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/Tiktok-challenge.pdf