Wellington Support: Keeping morale high during COVID-19

National Care Group are continuing to share stories featuring our care services during COVID-19.

Wellington Support have been keeping busy during quarantine, by taking part in fun activities and we are delighted to be sharing some of those stories in this blog…

Nathan and his art project

Nathan, an individual we support, has been keeping himself busy during the lockdown by doing some craftwork and painting to help with his mental well-being.

“I do craftwork to help stimulate my mind, especially during this time and I enjoy sketching as well,” said Nathan.

Jason Camm, Senior Support Worker, was delighted to see that even during the lockdown, Nathan is finding activities that he enjoys doing: “Finding creative skills to help with our tenants well-being is very important and it’s great to see Nathan getting involved in that.

The lockdown has been seen as an ideal opportunity to look at creative ways of introducing various enrichment activities, to help cope with not being able to go out into the communities.

A fantastic initiative and it’s great to see Nathan using his craftsmanship to build a small virtual model set!

Staff create a ‘COVID-19 Well-being guide’

Wellington Support created a well-being guide to help all our services keep safe and well, emotionally and physically during COVID-19.

The guide included:

  • How to wash your hands
  • Why social distancing is important
  • Why you need to stay at home
  • Useful exercise
  • Quizzes
  • Activities to keep yourself busy

Mateusz Waskowski, Area Operations Manager, said: “The guide was created to work closely with the Coronavirus page on the intranet.

It is a great way for our staff and the individuals we support to educate themselves and communicate it across the whole service.”

Download the guide by viewing the following link: https://ncgintranet.com/wp-content/uploads/2020/04/A-Wellbeing-guide-to-keeping-safe-and-well.pdf

Individuals we support take part in baking

Individuals we support at Tennyson Road took part in some baking, with Ian Martin baking a love heart shape caked to bring some positivity in the service!

Everyone had a lovely day and loved the delicious cake that was baked!